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Seren: The Chronicles of Mischa


Set in a medieval age, a forbidden love between ancient immortals sets in motion the life of one of the most powerful female warriors ever seen. Raised by a peasant woman, Mischa experiences hardships before joining the Sisterhood of Seren; and entity that teaches weaponry and battle skills to women of all ages. Advancing quickly in her training, Mischa becomes a captain in the King's army. Battles between kingdoms, love, betrayal, and struggles with being different all lead Mischa to uncovering the truth about her past and a terrible secret that could destroy the sisterhood itself. 

About the Authors


About Michelle Palermo

Michelle Palermo grew up in a small town in the Midwest. She had sights  on city life and packed up her car, driving cross-country as a teenager to start her journey in the Southwest where she still resides today.  Michelle found she had a passion for acting and began pursuing that  dream in 2008, starring in multiple short and feature films and winning 2 Best Actress and Best Thespian awards so far during her acting career. She is also an artist, model and a mother of two kids. She has been writing since she was a teenager but became more passionate about the work after utilizing her experience on set. Michelle is an avid collector of movie and gamer toys. 

Besides the first book in the Seren series, she is working on two feature film scripts with her partner, Brian Ronalds, which are set for pre-production in 2019.


About D.S. Harders

D.S. Harders grew up mostly in the deserts of Tucson, Arizona.  As a child, he was an avid reader of comic books, before graduating up to sci-fi and fantasy novels.  Books that teach through education are often his favorite reading material.  He especially enjoys stories with strong female characters.

Starting his writing on Shadowrun fan fiction, he developed his skill over two decades.  While Seren is his first novel, Mr. Harders has also performed work on script writing for TV, shorts, and movies. 

D.S. Harders was a member of the United States Navy, spending his time in the 90’s as a field medic.  These days he works as an executive producer for Radian Helix Media, a company he co-owns.  He also works in the Phoenix independent film community as an actor.